Tales from Rivona

Rivona is divided. Trying to protect his people and stop the vicious raids on the border towns of Rivona, King Ormund has made a truce with the Bloodmoon Clan of the Savage Lands. In exchange for a portion of the yearly harvest and a promise of peace, King Ormund has betrothed Prince Alaric to Sigrel Fireheart, daughter to Chief Drom. Many Rivonians see this as a sign of weakness on the part of the King. Rivonians do not negotiate with their savage, nomadic cousins to the west.

The call of adventure brings you to the quiet wooded town of Oakhurst in the county of Noren. Rumors of a centuries forgotten citadel appearing from the ground on the Ashen Plain are what have drawn you here. Trees seemingly ‘disappearing’ from town overnight and sightings of walking ‘stick-men’ in the forest have the entire town of Oakhurst on edge.

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Tales From Rivona

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